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City of Kristiansand was founded in 1641, and is now the administrative, business and cultural capital of Southern Norway. Greater Kristiansand region, consisting of 6 other municipalities, has 136.000 inhabitants representing 150 countries, and is the fastest growing region in Norway. The biggest industries in the region are related to energy and raw materials, and the region is a leading export region in the country. And with this particular industries – a big responsibility follows related to green and sustainable development. This is something that Kristiansand region has been prioritized for decades, and the region is defined as a green region. This has been accomplished in close cooperation with public and private companies.

Shocks and Stresses

Climate Change

Kristiansand is facing...

  • increased numbers of extreme weathers
  • heavy rainfall and torrential rain
  • the global sea level rises
  • flooding
Winter in Norway. Picture: Jaziar Radianti

Digitalization picture


     Kristiansand is facing...

  • increasing vulnerability towards critical infrastructure
  • infrastructure failures (telecom and electricity)

Social Issues

Kristiansand is facing...

  • increased social alienation, loneliness, xenophobia and lack of social cohesion
  • also demographic issues - increased aging population, poverty among some social groups, inequality, physical and mental health



We are working with resilience in specific matter but we don't call it resilience.

Cross Sectorial Cooperation

  • having a more holistic approach
  • each sector has myopia perspective
  • we end up in the pitfall of silo vision and thinking

    Latest News

    Warning on Recent Floods

    2 October 2017

    Flooded roads caused by heavy rainfall and flooding can cause manhole covers to move on. Citizens are encouraged to be careful in areas with a lot of water on the road. Further information, see this link

    Stakeholder Training in Kristiansand-SD model

    20 September 2017

    City of Kristiansand, collaborating with ICLEI and CIEM (University of Agder), held a stakeholder training on the SD model. Participants discussed application of the model in the urban development (Green city of Kristiansand). The city's action plan was presented and how MM model and SD model can be used in practice.

    Stakeholder Training in Kristiansand policy tool

    26 September 2017

    Stakeholder training

    City of Kristiansand, collaborating with ICLEI and CIEM (University of Agder), held a stakeholder training on the policy tool. A case study about flooding was presented and participants answered questions from RSQ and refered to case studies which are available under the policy tool.

    Kristiansand city working on a new strategy 

    September 2017

    "A creative city with ambitions" Kristiansand municipality's new vision in the plan, made concise and simple in the design. Many people have worked a lot in the planning process with input to get opinions and contributions to the plan. The challenge has been to make it all concise and simple, so the plan will be a good management tool.

    For more detail, please see this link 

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    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.